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Historical Keyboard instruments available for concerts and recordings

Radbon Fortepiano Collection offers you a wide range of fortepianos, clavichords and harpsichords from the period.


At the moment the following instruments are in playing condition :








- Italian Harpsichord (probably Venice)


decorated around 1760 in France

Compass : C/E-c'''

2 x 8'





















- Iberian Clavichord ca.1760-1790
Compass : C-f'''
Triple fretted



















- Krämer Brothers Clavichord



Compass : FF-a'''

+4' in the bass
















- Steward Spinet Edinburgh ca.1765-75

B.Shudi is one of the 4 probable makers
of this Spinet

Compass GG-f'''




















- Tangent Piano (Tangentenflügel)

late 18th century

Johann Ludwig Berner in Hamburg

(Schmahl's Craftsman from

Regensburg workshop)


Compass : FF-f'''

3 Kneelevers for Moderator,

dampers lift and Una chorda

1 Hand stop for the Harp sound

















- Pantalon by Maucher in Konstanz

Compass FF-f'''

No dampers, 2 hand stops for :

Piano-stop (Moderator) and Harp stop
only from the bass to the middle c.






- Johann Bohack ca.1785 Viennese


Kneelever for dampers lift

Handstop for the moderator

This piano is the only available Viennese

Fortepiano worldwide that has the most

things in common with Mozart's Walter

piano in Mozarteum Salzburg! its design

and several details (like the double

bentside, tuning pin positions,

moderator handstopetc.)












- Weimes Fortepiano 1803 Prague
(typical Viennese ca.1790 style)

Compass : F-g'''
Viennese action with single back-check

Moderator and Dampers lift
















- Gottfried Malleck in Wien

Square piano ca.1790-1800

Viennese action with quasi back-check

Compass : FF-f'''

Hand stop for harp

Kneelever for dampers lift















- Melchior Guante in Münster

ca.1795-1800 Square piano

Stein Prellmechanik with under dampers

Compass FF-c''''

2 kneelevers for dampers lift and harp














- Christian Baumann in Zweibrücken

ca.1785 Square piano

3 hand stops : 2 for divided dampers and
1 for the lute stop




















- Matthias Müller in Wien

ca.1805 Grand piano

3 kneelevers for :

Dampers lift, moderator, bassoon
















- Pleyel grand piano 1835

Compass : CC-f''''

2 pedals for una chorda and dampers






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