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Biagio Arnoldi  in Roma    dated 1806


Italian square piano - 5 octaves FF-f''' 

Action : simple Prellmechanik

Hand stop for dampers lift.


A very special feature on this piano is the massive hardwooden frame over the top of the soundboard which supports the piano from the tension. It connects the pinblocks together.


It is difficult to imagine that Biagio Arnoldi had no family relation with Carlo Arnoldi who also came from Trento and worked in Rome as a keyboard instrument maker. It is said that they both were making harpsichords and fortepianos.


This is the second known instrument from this maker.




Luckily this little lovely piano came to the collection and was saved from a miserable condition from the cellar! you can see its past and present condition in the photos...

Square piano   Tafelklavier   Piano carré 

These two photos show the only other Biagio Arnoldi piano in a private collection in Italy which is dated 1801.
It has the same action and design except that the exceptional wooden frame on the B.Arnoldi of Radbon collection was not yet designed on this 1801 one.

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