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Seuffert & Seidler   in Wien   ca.1827


6 and half octaves CC-g'''' - Viennse action

4 pedals : una chorda - dampers lift - moderator - double moderator


This is another unique piano in the collection. It is one of the 2 or 3 known

works of this fabric which was praised as one of the best in its own time. 

Martin Seuffert started to make pianos from 1802 under Anton Walter and

with his colleagues Wachtl and Bleyer specializing on upright pianos which

were new in Vienna.


There are 3 pianos of this family in the collection, the oldest Martin Seuffert

known ca.1813, this one and an upright piano or so called pianino from

Seuffert Sohn & Seidler.


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