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Over-spun Strings for Clavichord, Square Piano and Grand Fortepianos

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16 € for each string in set (more than 20 strings) and 20€ for single string order.

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Historical Cloth 
for all kinds of early keyboards 


The best moderator cloth and nearest possible compared to the originals made in the traditonal way.

Can be used for fortepianos, harpsichords and clavichords also as:

1 balance cloth

2 front touch cloth

3 hammer rest cloth

4 key rest cloth

5 back touch cloth

6 hopper (escapement pawl) rail cloth

7 Clavichord listing

8 Harpsichord jack lid

19 € for each Meter with 30mm. 

Historical woolen cloth
Historical woolen cloth made in Austria

Historical Tuning pins for All kinds of early keyboards in various diameters

6,5€ per each tuning pin in 3 diameters

Historical Tuning Keys for All kinds of early keyboards

85€ handmade tuning hammers

Voicing Block for Harpsichord Delrin or feathers

22€ handmade and inlaid, varnished and polished 

Proper String eye making tool for All kinds of early Keyboards.

390€  handmade, varnished and polished 

Wooden Threads for 
Fortepiano legs

16 € for each wooden leg. Available sizes:



14€ for female parts

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