Prices exclude the 19% German VAT and shipping costs

Over-spun Strings for Clavichord, Square Piano and Grand Fortepianos

16 € for each string in set (more than 20 strings) and 20€ for single string order.

Wooden Threads for 
Fortepiano legs

16 € for each wooden leg. Available sizes:



14€ for female parts

Historical Cloth 
for all kinds of early keyboards 
Clavichord listing

19 € for each Meter with 30mm. 

Viennese Fortepiano
Moderator cloth

27 € for a 5 to 6/half octave Viennese grand.

Historical Tuning pins for All kinds of early keyboards in various diameters

6,5€ per each tuning pin in 5 diameters

Historical Tuning Keys for All kinds of early keyboards

85€ handmade tuning hammers

Voicing Block for Harpsichord Delrin or feathers

22€ handmade and inlaid, varnished and polished 

Proper String eye making tool for All kinds of early Keyboards.

370€  handmade, varnished and polished