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South German square piano  ca.1790


5 octaves FF-f'''' - Prellmechanik with wooden Kapsels




This Germany square piano is similar to a Baumann from Zweibrücken who was addressed

by Mozart to several people including Archbishop of Salzburg and recommended as

''kleine piano fortes'' and has simple Prellmechanik which differs from another German square

piano of the collection by Melchior Guante which has Stein's escapement action. The same

period square piano of G. Malleck from Vienna has brass kapsels and quasi back check which 

makes the touch and controll even a bit easier for the performer but in fact all of these actions 

are proper for their own period. Malleck is supposed to sing like a Walter as Beethoven described

(about such pianos) but a Stein typ or a bit earlier models like this one have a pearl like or

harp like tone which is very pleasant and wonderfully articulated rather than louder and

cantabile of the viennese tradition which began with Walter in the last decades of the 18th century. 



Square piano   Tafelklavier   Piano carré 
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