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Eduard Seuffert   in  Wien   ca.1853


7 Octaves

2 Pedals for dampers lift and una chorda
Viennese action 


Eduard Seuffert was the son of Martin Seuffert from whom you can find his oldest grand fortepiano (ca.1813) 

He became maybe even more famous than his own father in his short life. His firm (first Seuffert Sohn & Seidler, then Eduard Seuffert or Seuffert Sohn) was equally famous as Bösendorfer, making pianos with Viennese but also English action. 

He learned piano making in his father's firm and later in his youth he went to Broadwood and Erard to London and Paris and worked with them, coming back to Vienna making some of Viennas best and sought after pianos. He also won Streicher's golden medal along with Bösendorfer above all participants in that competition and was becoming a leader in piano making in exporting to abroad that an early death stopped the firm until his widow married Ehrbar who ran the firm under his name. Piano facteur Ehrbar used to make pianos until 1980s.


This piano is superbly made and is in fine original condition.

Soon will be ready for the music of Brahms, Schumann, Liszt and contempraries...

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