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Joseph Carl Fuchs (1789-1832)  Physharmonica ca.1830


Unlike the small travel physharmonica in property of Clara Schumann, this one has a full range of 6 octaves and is a practical instrument.

Carl Fuchs Physharmonica.jpg
Carl Fuchs Physharmonica.jpg
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The Physharmonica is from the estate of Friedrich Wieck. (now in Schumann museum in Leipzig)


It was built in Vienna around 1825. Clara Wieck received a similar Physharmonica, built by Joseph Carl Fuchs (1789-1832) on the 10th of March 1828 as an improvisation and travel instrument. This was a forerunner of the later Harmonium. The wind is generated by the left pedal; the volume can be reduced during playing by opening a wind-release vent with the right pedal. A brass knob on the left side of the keyboard provides the same function. Marie Wieck sold the instrument to the Schumann collector Alfred Wiede in Weißenborn; he then made a gift of it to the Zwickau Schumann Museum on the 21st of April 1917.


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