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Johann Georg Hampo  in Wien   ca.1810


6 Octaves : FF-f''''

5 Pedals : Dampers lift - Moderator - Bassoon - Una chorda - Turkish music


Hambo (Hambach, Hamboch, Hampo), Johann Georg, (b. Senkrot, Hungary, 1761-d Vienna, 31 Dec. 1821). Pianomaker in Vienna. Hambo obtained his license in 1805 and in 1808 lived in the Laigrube an der Wien. In 1812 he lived in the 'Blue House' and bacame that same year at the death of his collegue, the piano maker Peter Streng, guardian of Streng's sic young children. Hambo died of a lung diease [cancer or tuberculosis] in hospital, leaving his wife Elisabeth and treir four young children. He may have been named a master.


This piano awaits restoration but luckily like most other pianos of the collection is basicaly in very good almost untouched original condition.

Hammerlügel Fortepiano
Hammerlügel Fortepiano
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