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Harpsichords & Spinets for sale
Clavichord for sale
Cembalo zu verkaufen
Tafelklavier zu verkaufen
Piano forte en vente
Viennese fortepiano for sale
Square Piano for sale
Stein Fortepiano For sale
Spinett zu verkaufen
Tafelklavier zu verkaufen
Harpsichord for sale
Fortepianos for sale
Harpsichords & Spinets for sale
Clavichords for sale
Fortepiano in vendita
Tafelklavier zu verkaufen
Piano Forte en vente
Clavecin & Clavicorde en vente
Here, You can usually find restored:
Late 18th century & early 19th century square pianos
Early 19th century Viennese grand pianos
Fortepiano, Harpsichord, Spinet and Clavichord copies made around 1980-2010
for sale!

Each month buyers write us and ask for square pianos in particular that we have in stock, to order for restoration, some of them being aware of the big risk of buying from some dishonest private sellers on various websites who hide some even structural problems of such pianos, hoping that the buyer does not notice them! and of course ''acording to the law'' having no responsibility after the sale (the same story with auction houses!)

Therefore buyers write us for they are aware that Radbon Atelier is the only place where they have the possibility to :

1- Find the type of square pianos according to their needs (18th century, 19th century, English, French, German, Italian etc.)

2- Having the real choice (because there are not 4-5 but a lot more to choose between, not having to choose between only a few candidates)

3- Having the possibility to try the piano before buying

4- No risking of buying something that might get structural problems like wrest-plank lifting after tuning or the bridge detachement off the soundboard and such as... things that can happen to any piano while restoration which can be tragic to a buyer who has wasted his money on the unrestored piano, its shipping and has to pay for the working hours of any restorer who faces new problems of it at the beginning, middle or work or right after the restoration!

In our workshop we take all the responsibility and costs of buying and restoring such period pianos from its A to Z and the buyer does not have to risk at any stage but can buy the ready product with confidence.

You can send an email at for more information. (the long list below shows only the the sold instruments and the few restored ones for sale, not the larger number of unrestored pianos in stock.

Terms and conditions for buyers: It works as explained above without any stress and risk for the buyers. The buyer chooses the right instrument after consulting with us receives a quote for the final price including restoration, excluding shipping, then pays half of the amount and waits for the restoration. Once it is finished (delays are indeed normal and the buyer should accept that) the buyer can decide if he wants it or not without giving us any reason. If decide to buy, he/she should pay the rest and we can either manage the transport or it can be picked up. In case the buyer decides to have the money back, we will sell the instrument to another client and in case we even don't succeed, we pay the amount back within 5 months. So there is no risk of any disappointment for our buyers.

Please scroll down to see more!

For more information, prices and photos please contact :

Spinetta or Virginal attributed to Poggio ca.1620
With a large compass of GG(BB)-f'''
Mainly very original including the original soundboard, jacks and keyboard!


Attr_ Poggio Virginal Pooya Radbon Colle.webp

For more information please contact us at:

One of the most valuable pianos being offered not only here but worldwide!

The oldest playable Bohemian Fortepiano
made by Jakob Weimes 1803 in Prague for sale!

5 octaves FF-g'''
Kneelevers for Moderator and Dampers lift

For more information please contact us at:

Weimes Fortepiano for sale.JPG
fortepiano for sale.JPG

Southwell 1822 Square piano in fully playing conditon for sale

For more information please contact us at:

Southwell square piano 1822 for sale.jpg
Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-19 um 12.15.05.png

Unique Pleyel
''grand patron'' piano for sale!

A unique Pleyel fortepiano in playing order (restored) in most original condition (without extra keys) and complete with the original music stand, tuning pins and even 95% of strings!
With its lyra, pedals, dust cover and brass parts. 
Legs are in perfect shape and allow the piano being rolled on the floor.
Even the cloths used in the action, hammers, the whole action and everything else is in remarkable original condition. The case was never damaged or repaired from the year it was made. The lid has a repair for its massive rosewood.
It is extremely rare to find a non-spoiled example of a Chopin era Pleyel.
The touch of these early Pleyel grands is not comparable with the later Pleyels.
The grand Patron models have advantages over the petit patron models which are known to professional collectors and fortepianists.
Pleyel 1835 pianoforte antico.jpg

Longman & Broderip Square piano 1798 for sale

Longman & Broderip is one of the 
most successful brands in piano making in the second half of the 18th century. Not only in England but everywhere in Europe in castles and among rich families one could find a Longman & Broderip piano. Like Breitkopf & Härtel they exported their goods (musical instruments and sheet music) everywhere even to the USA. 
Among the most famous buyers of L&B instruments we can name G.Washington and J.Haydn. It is said that he may have owned a piano by L&B.

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Dolmetsch Spinet for sale

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A fine Hemsch 1751 model
french harpsichord by A.Bonza 2011 for sale in fully playing order.

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Daniel Dörr ca.1820
Fortepiano for sale!

6 octaves FF-f''''
5 pedals
Made similar to Streicher rather than Walter or Graf.
It is (like Streicher) one of the few viennese models that has screws for the regulation of escapements, this allows for the owner to do the regulation when needed in a few minutes with ease!
This wonderful piano with its velvety sound was restored in 2014 by Pooya Radbon and has been used for numerous concerts and recordings. Some of them listed below: