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Meynke & Pieter Meyer   in Amsterdam   ca. 1780-5



5 octaves FF-f'''' - English simple action

2 pedals : dampers lift - buff stop

Square piano   Tafelklavier   Piano carré 

From E. Maaskamp, engraver.

This print from 1811, we can see ‘Eene moeder en ongehuwde Dochter van de Broeder gemeente te Seist.’ (A mother and her unmarried daughter, members of the Moravian Church in Zeist, The Netherlands.) This plate shows costumes of The Netherlands, early 19th century. The daughter is playing the square piano, possibly made by Meincke and Pieter Meyer.




Dutch painting from 1813 by Willem Bartel van der Kooi (1768 – 1836) showing another typical Meyer & Meyer square piano. (the nameboard and keywell veneer band)


Meyer brothers were the most well known piano makers in Amsterdam or probably in Holland generally in the late 18th and very early 19th centuries.

Square piano Tafeklavier piano carré Meyer & Meyer

“The Reluctant Pianist” by Breakspeare. The beautiful lady is probably sitting in front of an elegant ca.1810 Meyer & Meyer.

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