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Benignus Seidner   in Wien   ca.1828


6 and half octaves CC-g''''

4 pedals : una chorda - dampers lift - moderator - bassoon 


There are 6 known fortepianos from this fine Viennese maker :

1- The earliest one from ca.1820, played in several recordings by

Trudelies Leonhardt.

2- In a private collection in Innsbruck.

3- Pooya Radbon fortepiano collection (ca.1840)

4- Pooya Radbon fortepiano collection (ca.1828) the present piano

5- In Schubert-haus Vienna (former owner was Ignaz Schubert,

Franz Schubert's brother)

6- Mozarteum Salzburg


There is nothing special known from this maker. Except of a few times

that his address was changed in Vienna.


His quality workmanship clearly shows his mastership in fortepiano making.
The tone is very mature and gentle. 

The hammers are made in a strange way that as far as I know there is no such a

shape by any other maker! the hammer shafts are too narrow and very delicate 

specially near the hammer head. Many of them were broken which are 

repaired now. 

The end bottom of the piano's shape is like those of Stein/Streicher family...also the delicacy of hammers.

It has lost its moderator and bassoon pedals which will soon be reconstructed.


This piano means a lot to me because it is very much the same as the one belonged to Schubert or his brother.

Its sound is unique and is a true Schubert fortepiano!


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