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Franz Lautterer   in Wien   ca.1820


6 octaves FF-g'''' , Viennese action and 4 pedals.

Moderator -  Basson stop - Dampers lift - Turkish music.


Born in 1770 and died 1833. He was certainly one of the best makers in Vienna. 

Lautterer opened his workshop in 1805.

He was also in the committe that confirmed the licence of piano makers in Vienna as he did for Carl Stein in 1828.

C.Thein wrote with appreciation about him and compared his pianos with Graf as the best ones that all the registers have a singing quality and never have too weak or dull sound.


There are unfortunately very few but high quality examples from him.

Five amazing grand pianos in Bachhaus Eisenach, Schloss Wörlitz, Sondershausen, Schloss Burgk and one in Metropolitan museum from this maker which all show his master craftsmanship.


This is the only square piano worldwide from this maker and is preserved in almost absolutely original neat condition. It is an example of an almost untoched piano from Beethoven and Schubert era.




Square piano   Tafelklavier   Piano carré 
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