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Pleyel Fortepiano 1835 for sale

Grand Piano by Ignace Pleyel 1835.

A rare Chopin period grand piano by Chopin’s preferred piano maker, in an extremely fine brass line inlaid rosewood case.

Inscribed on the nameboard:


Medailles d’orIgnace Pleyel &
, 1827 & 1834 
facteurs du Roi


Six & a half octave compass CC-f4

This piano, which is recorded in the Pleyel Archive is in a remarkably original, complete and unspoiled state, and has been carefully restored to playing condition.

3200 Francs was equal to 928 grams gold which makes like 35,000 euros of today! the price of a specially beautiful Pleyel. On Pleyel's list pianos with a plain case are listed with prices like 2800 francs.


This piano is according to many collectors and specialists a very rare Chopin period piano. Not only because it is made by Chopin's favorite piano maker of all but because of its model. Not a late Chopin but relatively early, having a veneered soundboard (which was Dizi's patent) having round tail, having 3 iron bars and a lighter construction in comparison to heavier post-1840 Pleyels with more bars, louder sound, and touch.

This piano has a bit lighter touch and a softer sound, clearly less loud in volume.


Chopin himself was not very interested in giving concerts and unlike Liszt was more an introverted person who -according to him- his best days were those nobody even rang the doorbell! 
Therefore for getting nearer to Chopin's sound we can consider even pianinos very serious.


All known 1830s Pleyels are more or less twisted and therefore restorers stay away from them! on the other hand, extremely few delightful early Pleyels such as this one exist in such original condition, complete with the second soundboard (Doppia tavola, Klangdeckel or Dust cover) etc. no new or replaced hammer or damper!
Probably due to its beauty, it was not disregarded being in cellar suffering from damp...most probably kept as a decoration though it was already half playable after being untouched from at least ca.1845!


Most Pleyels of this period were upgraded by Pleyel firm itself only some 10-15 up to 30 years or so after it was made. Having extra notes on the top, new nameboard and in almost all cases a set of new hammer heads.
This one received no new keys or nameboard etc. but a set of new hammer heads from ca.1845. Still authentic  and stylistic for Chopin Pleyel pianos.


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