Gebrüder Krämer (Kraemer brothers) ca.1806 in Göttingen

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4' in the bass

Krämer the father (Johann Paul Krämer)  was according to Forkel and Gerber one of the best clavichord makers in Germany whose instruments were very saught after and were by keyboardists highly valued as Amatis and Strads were for violinists.

According to Forkel (Germany's first musicologist) his sons who worked at first with their father and later opened their own ''Gebrüder Krämer'' workshop nearby had a big reputation for their Fortepianos but mostly for their Clavichords which ''were exported to other countries not in a small number''!

Krämer had a close friendship with Forkel who highly valued his Clavichords and was said that he was almost everyday around (they were neighbors as well).

Johann Paul Krämer was born in 21 October 1743 in Jüchsen bei Meiningen. His teacher was most probably Johann Heinrich Harrass II (1707–1778) in Großbreitenbach. The Harrass' family name is linked to Johann Sebastian Bach who probably owned a Harrass Harpsichord.

In 1772 Krämer went to Göttingen and started to work on his own and worked then with his brother Johann Siegmund Theodor Krämer (Kraemer) *1751- +1828 who was apparantly less successful than the elder brother but later his sons Johann Christian Friedrich & Georg Adam attended him in his workshop (first the older brother) in 1787 then the younger in 1796. The instruments of this period had the label Krämer & Söhne.

From 1806 the two brothers opened their own workshop while their father went on working in his own workshop till his death in 9th of March 1819.

Gebrüder Krämer

Johann Christian Friedrich (1770–1858)

Georg Adam (1774–1826)